Mobile Sketches / Memory Card 01 (via CybermohallaEnsemble)

Cybermohalla (CM, or Cyber Neighbourhood) is a network of five labs across the city of Delhi – locality labs in LNJP (an informal settlement in Central Delhi, lab set up in 2001), Dakshinpuri (a Resettlement Colony in South Delhi, 2002) and Nangla Maachhi (2004, an informal settlement in which surveys have begun which mark the beginning of the State’s process to displace it to the outskirts of the city); a CM Research and Development Lab in the Ankur office (started 2003) and the Sarai Media Lab. The languages spoken in these labs are diverse – Hindustani, Khari Boli, Hindi; and the audio-visual-realm, too, is unique and specific to each location.