# SMS is the technology that is the most easily accessible to NGOs, grassroots organizations and people seeking to deliver mobile services. However, in many cases, text can be a barrier (being inaccessible to people with low reading skills and being too limited for richer applications) and discovery is an issue.
# Voice applications are now attracting attention as they are providing a more natural way of interacting with people, and therefore lowering the barriers of ICT adoption. However, expertise, tools, and training are still lacking.
# Mobile browsing is now becoming a viable option to deliver richer content and develop more complex applications. Stable and reliable GPRS, when available, offers a relatively more affordable way of providing content to people. Richer applications, using images, and graphics such as icons, are also offering increased added-value services and easier access for underprivileged populations. Nevertheless, the lack of awareness both on how to use web technologies and build mobile web sites, and on the availability of tools is a blocking factor for a wider adoption by NGOs, grassroots organizations, and entrepreneurs. Roaming costs can also be seen as an obstacle in reaching the poorest sectors of the population.
# The lack of collaboration, cooperation, and sharing among people working in the field (NGOs, grassroots organizations…) is a major issue leading to the appearance of many competing systems and platforms to tackle similar issues. One – but not the only – major reason of this situation is the lack of visibility and awareness of what others are doing.

Workshop Executive Summary

This document presents the output of the W3C Workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social and Economic Development,


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